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Character Registration template

Post by Admin on Mon Oct 03, 2016 12:07 pm

This is the template that is to be used to register your character.

[center][size=24][b][u]Basic Information[/u][/b][/size][/center]

[b]Name:[/b] (Name of your character?)
[b]Age:[/b] (How old is your character?)
[b]Gender:[/b] (Biologically male or female?)
[b]Sexuality:[/b] (Which way do they swing?)
[b]Race:[/b] (Human or otherwise?)
[b]Rank:[/b](all characters start at novice. the ranks are, in order, Novice, Average, Master, Grand Master, and god)

[center][size=24][b][u]Appearance Information[/u][/b][/size][/center]

[b]Appearance:[/b] (At least [i][u]1-3[/u][/i] sentences are required if you are using a picture. [i][u]3-4[/u][/i] sentences if you are not using an image; may not list information)
       [b][i]Eye Color:[/i][/b] (Color of their eyes?)
       [b][i]Hair Color:[/i][/b] (Color of their hair?)
       [b][i]Skin Color:[/i][/b] (Color of their skin/scales/fur/etc?)

[center][size=24][b][u]Personality Information[/u][/b][/size][/center]

[b]Personality:[/b] (At least [i][u]350[/u][/i] words are required for this section; do not list traits)
       [b][i]Dislikes:[/i][/b] (What do they not like?)
        [b][i]Fears:[/i][/b] (What do they fear?)
        [b][i]Likes:[/i][/b] (What do they like?)
        [b][i]Motivations:[/i][/b] (What motivates them to do things in life?)
        [b][i]Strengths:[/i][/b] (What is your character's strong points?)
        [b][i]Weaknesses:[/i][/b] (What are your character's weak points?)

At least 300 words are required

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