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Races Information

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Elves are a people of ageless beauty, and a people who value their loved ones as much as their own lives. They marry for love, and only marry once in their lives. For them, marriage is a simple ceremony, requiring only an exchange of words and rings by the couple in question, as well as consummation of the marriage. The afterparty, by comparison, is a feast thrown by the family. A jewel is given to the groom to wear by the bride's mother. Elves age incredibly slowly, and reach maturity some 50-100 years after their birth. Males and females are considered almost equal, and are not confined by such rigid roles as some of the other races in many cases. Females may be warriors, or Males may be healers.

Elven Racial Bonuses:

-All Elvish characters receive +10 to speed
-Elvish characters receive the ability to blend in with their natural surroundings as long as there is some form of cover. This only works in NATURAL surroundings and may only be used twice per thread.
-All elves receive heightened hearing and sight.
-All elves receive +5 intelligence.


Humans, the standard race in Middle Earth. Humans, though tending to be the least magical and among the most common races in Middle Earth, tend to be a hardy and clever species. Humans aren't necessarily as strong as, let's say, dwarves, but have a certain level of endurance some other races do not. Politics are rather complex among the humans, with each area occupied by humans having it's own system and way of doing things.

Human Racial Bonuses:

-All Human Characters receive +5 to their endurance stat.
-All human characters receive +10 to their swordsmanship mastery stat.

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